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6 Surprising health benefits of biltong (and why it’s fast becoming a go-to fitness snack)

October 19, 2021 2 min read

What springs to mind when you think of biltong?
A tempting taste of South Africa? A convenient addition to a packed lunch? Or maybe just something to munch on when you’re propping up the bar?

Well, it’s all of those things. But what most people don’t realise is just how many health benefits it brings to the daily diet.

(And yes, we would say that. But it’s also true.) 

We’re going to take you through each benefit, step by step.

It’s full of all the good stuff
Biltong is brimming with essential vitamins and minerals. It’s rich in iron in particular, which means you’re on track for a whole host of health rewards including:

  • More energy, less fatigue
  • A boost in haemoglobin levels
  • Improvement in muscle endurance
  • Boost in immunity
  • Increased concentration levels

    On top of all this, it’s low fat. Yep, it’s true. We still can’t believe it either.

    Biltong is cured and air-dried. This means that no oil is used in its preparation, resulting in a very lean profile, similar to a cut of meat. Throw in some fragrant spices and a lot less salt (not to mention zero sugar), and you’ve got a healthy snack favourite that’s perfect for a keto-based diet.

    Zinc: the energy booster
    Did you know that the average person needs 15mg of zinc per day for optimal benefits? Well, biltong can make up a healthy portion of that daily amount.

    As well as being a powerful healing aid within the body, Zinc is the ultimate energy booster. It creates clever little enzymes that help process fat, carbs and protein in all the food you eat. Meaning that your energy levels will soar – so you’re perfectly prepared for your morning run, yoga class or gym session.

    No nasty preservatives
    Let’s face it, no-one wants something “artificial” keeping their food fresh. Biltong was created a long, long time ago as a highly effective and completely natural way of preserving meat. So you can snack in peace, knowing there are no hidden nasties lurking behind unreadable ingredient names.

    High in vitamin B12
    An essential nutrient that nourishes your brain and nervous system. All the while busily helping to create lots of red blood cells, helping to prevent anemia.

    Vitamin B12 is also known to help prevent depression and is highly regarded as a natural, safe treatment.

    Packed with protein
    Everyone knows by now that good protein has incredible health benefits.

    But did you know that biltong is so powerfully packed with protein that just 25 grams of it gives you 50% of your daily protein requirement? Not bad, huh?

    So there you go – who’d have thought that the humble biltong could be such a powerhouse of nutrition? It’s time to up your snack game – grab some biltong today.