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How to get creative in the kitchen with biltong

October 19, 2021 2 min read

Bored of the same old ingredients? Looking for some unexpected culinary inspiration? We hear you. It’s time to give your mealtime mojo a biltong boost.

Through countless happy hours of kitchen-based experimentation, testing and tasting, we’ve put together six of our favourite alternative uses for biltong. And don’t worry, we’re not talking Masterchef here – these are quick and easy, but oh so tasty.

Upgrade your cheeseboard
A stout stilton, creamy camembert, maybe some manchego and a few cornichons if you’re feeling fancy. But what’s missing? Biltong. Oh yes – the deep, rich and salty savoury tones of top quality biltong make an amazing addition to any cheeseboard. Just make sure you include enough, because it will go quickly.

Biltong pizza? Si!
What makes a good pizza great? Other than the obvious need for a perfect base, the freshest sauce and a very hot oven, it’s those final few toppings that add the extra magical dimension. Add biltong to your must-have list – roughly chopped and sprinkled generously, it melts into the cheese and turns a simple margherita into a mouth-watering meat feast that’s brimming with flavour.

Super salads
If you’ve read our 6 surprising health benefits of biltong, you’ll know that it’s an incredible source of all sorts of goodness. So, for the ultimate protein packed, light and healthy meal, why not mix it into your favourite salad? Apart from tasting unbelievably good, it’s ultra low carb, full of fibre and gloriously easy to make.

Carbonara, reimagined
Who says you can’t remix the classics? This one’s a no-brainer for us: swap out the traditional cured pork for beautiful little bites of biltong and bellissimo! – you’ve created your very own take on a carbonara.

Tasty taters
We love baked potatoes (who doesn’t?). A tiny bit of prep and a few hours in the oven and what emerges is pure, self-contained comfort food. The best bit is opening it up and filling it with something delicious, like...biltong! Stir it into some sour cream and chives, mix it with grated cheese or sprinkle over some baked beans – the choice is yours.

The best thing since...
Last but not least, we had to include the humble sandwich. Whether you’re a farmhouse bloomer type or you like a loaf you can wedge a door open with, it’s really the bit in the middle that counts. Next time you’re wondering what to fill it with, lay down some perfectly cured slices of biltong and give your taste buds a serious treat. As to what condiment to use (or not), we’re not going anywhere near that debate.

As you can see, biltong is so much more than a simple snack. It’s a versatile, healthy ingredient that can elevate everyday dishes to new levels. These are just a few suggestions – your only limit is your imagination. We’d love to see all the ways people use biltong in their cooking – why not share your culinary creations with us at and we’ll feature the very best in our Inspirations blog.